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I'm a color-fan since I was a little girl. "Why red things are red? Because they absorbed all the light but the red wave length. It's all the colors a part from red!", I used to say.

I did science at highschool but I loved physics, chemistry and artistics the same. In 1998, I studied Image where I fell in love with the magic of photography. The homelab's red light became my closest friend.

I combined my studies with different jobs. In a small graphic design business at first, and after at El Periódico de Catalunya as a lab technician where I retouched photos for 7 years (2000-07). Trying to reinforce my learning I also studied Graphic Design, a bit of Journalism and a Master in Scriptwriting. In the meantime, I worked in casting for films, TV programs and commercials; and as a production assistant for commercials.

When I saved enough, I graduated on Direction of Photography & Camera Operator. I worked as a DOP and camera operator on some shortfilms and documentaries. And as a 1st camera assistant (focus puller) and 2nd camera assistant (loader) for some commercials and films.

But my life long dream was to color grade. Something very hard to realize in the times of film. When the digital era began I finally could make my dream come true...


... since then I'm a Colorist.

retrato Esther
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