Colorizing your projects

I'm glad to introduce you to this world of colours...

Scroll down and discover the possibilities you've got to easily upgrade your project.

the colorist Esther Tejada is color grading

Here I am.​ I'm the very basics of color grading.


Usually the different takes of any video have different gradings. I match all the shots getting an uniform edition. It doesn't matter if it's shot at different times, with different cameras, in different locations, if there are images from different sources...


I'm here to make your video look as an integrated audiovisual product for a tiny price! This is the cheapest opportunity to upgrade your video.

the colorist Esther Tejada is color grading

Ok, I get it. You want to go the extra mile. This feature is for the people who are looking for an outstanding artwork.


Includes 2 steps. The first one equilibrates the different shots. The second one enhances your images with separation of colors and different lights. You will see how your project adquires volume and focal points. If you wish, I could even stabilize some shot or add a vignette.


This is the service you want if you're looking for the most professional finish.

the colorist Esther Tejada is color grading

If you want some special look for your images this is your service!


After equilibrating and enhacing your project I'll work this third step for you. This is the most creative way to work on your images. Letting them transform into any appereance, texture or atmosphere you can imagine.


You can tell me any references you want it to look like or create your own. If you prefer I can assessorate you for free to see wich look will fit your project the best.