How did I become a colorist?

I remember when I first learnt about the colours... I was 5 (I read since 3) and I was bewitched: why red things were red?; because they absorbed all the light but the red wave length. "It's all the colours a part from red!" I used to say. Since then I became a color-fan... I read everything I could about it.


I did science at high school but I loved physics, chemistry and arts the same. At 18 I studied Image where I fell in love with the magic of photography. The homelab's red light became my closest friend.


As I lived by myself, I combined my studies with different jobs. In a small graphic design business at first, and after at El Periódico de Catalunya as a lab technician where I retouched photos for 7 years. Trying to reinforce my learning I also studied Graphic Design, Journalism and a Master in Scriptwriting. In the meantime, I worked in casting for films, TV programs and commercials; and as a production assistant for commercials.

the colorist Esther Tejada is color grading

When I saved enough, I graduated on Direction of Photography & Camera Operator. Then, for some years, I worked as a DOP or camera operator on shortfilms and documentaries. And 1st camera assistant (focus puller), 2nd and/or loader for commercials and films.

But my life long dream was to color grade. Something very hard to realize in the times of film. When the digital era began I finally could make my dream come true...



... since then I'm a colorist